Buy One/Give OnE THROUGH JULY 5th 

At Twogether Studios, we believe that one of the greatest things about games is their ability to bring people together. Games help us escape from the stress of daily life, and can help us put aside differences and focus on a common goal. We designed Phoenix: Dawn Command with these principles in mind. Phoenix encourages collaborative storytelling and teamwork. By working together players can overcome impossible odds and create memorable stories.


Keith has been designing roleplaying games for over a decade. During that time, some of the most touching and inspiring fan letters he’s received have been from soldiers in active combat zones—people who deal with daily stress many of us can’t imagine, who have found roleplaying to be a source of relief from that tension.


With this in mind, we’re teaming up with STACKUP.ORG, an organization that brings veterans and civilians together through a shared love of gaming. StackUp.Org works with US and Allied active duty troops and veterans. They send games and gear to combat zones, humanitarian missions, and military hospitals; support military personnel in their communities; and provide suicide prevention and mental health services for veterans and civilians.  


Now until July 5th- whenever you purchase a copy of Phoenix Dawn Command we’re giving a copy to to give to a service member. Purchase the game from, our page, or your local game retailer.


If you’ve never played an RPG before or want to know more about the game- watch Phoenix Dawn Command on Starter Kit at - use PHOENIX for a free 60 day trial.