FOr the game marshal 

Preparing your players  

All your players need to get started is the player guide.  Share the guide so that they have enough information about the world, how to play and character creation to get started on their first adventure. 


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FOR THE New Phoenix Player


All you need to get started with Phoenix is the downloadable player guide. The guide provides an overview of game play, character creation, and the world of Phoenix Dawn Command. 

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Phoenix Schools

Phoenixes are split into six Schools. Your School determines what skills and supernatural abilities you possess: the Durant is a stoic warrior, the Devoted a healer who strengthens others, the Shrouded excels at stealth and uncovering secrets. Your initial School is determined by the nature of your first death. The Devoted died to save others; the Shrouded died because of a secret. Click on the link to learn more about a School.

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Pregenerated charActers

Do you want to jump straight into the game? Do you want to see examples of characters before creating your own? We've created a wing of four Phoenixes for you, ready to print and play. Click here to to open and download the wing!