“My blood is fire, and if I must spill my blood to burn the enemies of the Empire, so be it.”

All Phoenixes are reborn from the Imperial Flame. Elemental Phoenixes maintain a direct connection to the Flame, and they can channel its energy as a weapon. Some are content to blast their enemies with gouts of fire; others are artists, creating elaborate beasts of flame that wreak havoc among their foes. As an Elemental grows in power, they can drain heat to produce deadly chills or shock their enemies with lightning and buffet them with winds. No other School wields such pure, direct force; further, Elemental is the only School whose core Combat Style allows ranged attacks. This power comes with a high price in Sparks, and an Elemental can quickly burn through their reserves. However, the Elemental can draw on their own lifeforce to power their attacks, directly converting Health Levels into Sparks.

Elementals die for duty, and the classic image of the Elemental is the sorcerer burning his own life away to bring down a terrible foe. In the past, “duty” generally meant “duty to the Empire”; during the Phoenix Imperium, Elemental Phoenixes were the strong hand of the Empire. However, duty can take many forms. Your death may have been a duty to your family, to your loved ones, or even to a promise made to a Fallen patron. Whatever it was, you served a cause you valued more highly than your life. The question is, how you have integrated that with your duty to Dawn Command?

The role of the Elemental is tightly focused. Destruction is your function, burning down the enemy and blasting through barriers. Your eldritch knowledge may prove useful when you face the Fallen or other arcane mysteries, but you are first and foremost a weapon. If you want to be more of a team player, there are a few Lessons that help you restore the Sparks of your Wingmates.


Fire, Destruction, The Arcane, and The Empire. Within the Wing, your primary role is Destruction, whether through fire or other forces. In battle, you will rely on your Combat Styles and Attack Spreads to burn your foes. If you ever need to blow up a door…or a bridge…or anything like that, you can attempt it with as Skill Spread. The Firestarter Talent expands the scope of the Fire Specialty, allowing you to make a spread to extinguish flames as well as start them. Beyond your talent for destruction, you’re well versed in all things Arcane. In addition to Ash Sorcery and the mystical techniques practiced by the adepts of Dawn Command, this also encompasses anything that has to do with the Fallen Folk and Dusk realm. Finally, as Elementals were always the backbone of the Phoenix Imperium, you are well versed in everything connected to the EmpireFrom law and etiquette to the intricacies of the Imperial Philosophies, you are an expert in all things Imperial.


As an Elemental, your default weapon is flame. However, this is largely cosmetic. With your Marshal’s approval you could shift Fire Shaping to produce blasts of lightning or bolts of pure force; a Shadovar Elemental might unleash hungry ghosts to devour an enemy. If you do this, shift your Fire Specialty to something more appropriate. In addition, you have the power to burn your Health Levels to restore Sparks. How does this manifest? Do flames wreath your body? Does your blood glow in your veins as you’re suffused with mystical power?


  • The Warlock. You studied the arcane arts in your first life, though you never wielded the powers you possess today. As a Warlock, you delved into the mysteries of the Fallen Folk; what bargains did you make with the spirits you encountered? Warlock is an obvious Trait, but you could justify Astonishing Luck, Brilliant Deduction, or even Supernatural Senses as being provided by familiar spirits that aid and advise you.
  • The Talu. Despite the infamous reputation of some Talu Houses, the Talu are the backbone of Ilona and the Empire. You take honor and duty very seriously, both to your family and the Empire; once you give your word, you never break it. As Talu, your Traits depend on your House. If you’re tied to the criminal Deo Talu, you might be Sneaky and have a Misspent Youth or Killer Instincts. If you’re part of the Dol Talu—the line of the Emperor himself—you might be Noble and Inspiring, or possibly Charming. Did you die on good terms with your family, or were you actually killed by another member of your House?  
  • The Force of Nature. You were a shaman in the Grimwald in your first life. Your Flame allows you to touch the spirits of the wild on a primal level, calling on the pure spirits of storm and fire. You should swap your Empire Specialty for Nature or Spirits, and you should definitely take the Shaman trait.  
  • The Alchemist. You were an alchemist in your first life, fascinated by the science of fire and the weapons developed by the Humanists in the Civil War; you could even be the person who originally designed these weapons, reborn now after spending centuries in the Crucible. While your power still comes from your Flame, you manifest it through grenades, dragon flamethrowers, and other physical tools. Despite your knowledge of the Arcane, you are a dedicated scientist; you might be Resourceful and the Smartest Person In The Room.


The strength of the Elemental is its firepower. At Rank One, no other School can match the sheer size of the Attack Spreads you can unleash. Elemental is also unmatched in its ability to generate Sparks, though you may kill yourself in the process. If you enjoy reckless destruction, this is the School for you. Elemental is less versatile than many other Schools. This makes it an easy School to play, but make sure you like blasting things with fire and lightning; you’ll be doing a lot of it.